LOYALTY POINTS and BENEFITS when purchasing products

/LOYALTY POINTS and BENEFITS when purchasing products
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You have become or are about to become a Herbalife client. We want to reward your loyalty by offering you ways to consume these products more conveniently. We want you to know, from the moment you buy the program, that we have excellent loyalty systems on different levels:

  1. When you become a Herbalife customer, all the products you buy will bring loyalty points *. Once you have accumulated 100 loyalty points, you will start receiving gifts in the form of products that you want to enter into your program. Thus, the more you consume, the more healthy you will, but you will also earn more gift products.
  2. But it can be even better: Imagine that you have already achieved very good results and enjoy the products, and in a few weeks your acquaintances or relatives become interested in what you are doing.
    It is very important that at that time you provide them with our contact details (website: www. Fityourbody.ro , Phone: 0746522371, 0762838896) , in order to make their order of products in turn. Or you can contact us and recommend those people.
    If the person (s) you recommend will enter a custom program, you will earn 30 loyalty points from the start – which will bring you 30% closer to the 100 loyalty points ( to receive gifts in products).
  3. It gets better and better, because if you continue to talk about your results and exceed two recommendations, who become clients, too, with a customized program, you will qualify for the Herbalife Ambassador program. We promote our concepts in person and the fact that you are talking about the results obtained and helping others to find out about our solutions contributes to our mission, which is why we want to provide you with additional benefits.

Thus, as Ambassador, you have the privilege of becoming a Herbalife Ambassador.

What does this mean?

You will be able to order the products directly in the company, you will have a personal registration number and you will have access to some preferential prices for members – meaning you will be able to consume the products 25-35% cheaper. There are privileges the company offers once you become Ambassador of our brand.
So, depending on your goals (your options), you can choose what suits you best.


– Each product is assigned a number of loyalty points (eg F1-13 points F2-7 points, etc.) – see the brochure – CLICK HERE
-for each referral – person who enters the custom program, you receive another 30 loyalty points;
– Depending on your orders and recommendations, when you accumulate at least 100 loyalty points, you can already receive, at your choice, gifts from Herbalife;
– gift products, also have some points (offered for a certain number of accumulated points), example F1 – for 130 accumulated points, F2 for 70 accumulated points, etc;
– the loyalty points will be kept automatically in our database. You can also keep track of your accumulated points.

We wish you success!